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Most businesses agree that a large portion of their client base is local, both for current and future clients. They also agree that everyone buys groceries so the grocery store is an ideal place to deliver an impact message or offer. It is proven that when we are in the buying mode we are more open to offers than any other time, so we deliver the message or offer at the point of purchase. We deliver this offer or message directly into the hands of the local buyer of the household consistently.

Debit card usage has increased tremendously in the last several years, creating an additional reason for that buyer to keep that receipt and look at it again.

We select the best business possible to recommend to the grocery shoppers. We select many advertisers for each market, increasing the odds we have something for most or all grocery shoppers. An example of this, 16 advertisers creates more awareness than 2 or 3 advertisers. Because people actually viewing the ad is vital, we work diligently to have the most and best advertisers to recommend at each grocery store.

We saturate each local market with a substantial amount of ads to ensure the offer or impact message is seen many times during a cycle. The cost per impression for a full color ad, hand delivered to the local buyer of the household is a fraction of a penny! By using the local grocery store as the distribution point, it ensures the ad is handed to a local buyer.

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